Now an all-new

Live/Zoom hybrid event

September 8-10, 2022 — with Sunday After-meeting at the Cannabis College

@ Amsterdam’s House of Stories….The Mezrab
Veemkade 576,

Thursday September 8, 10am-5pm

Jeremy Weate 
– Ibogaine: A History

Dana Beal
– Ibogaine & Nerve Growth factors

Tobias Erny
– Ibogaine for Parkinson’s.

Ibogaine stimulates a sustained increase in Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) expression in the brain. GDNF has been shown to increase survival, functioning and sprouting of dopamine neurons in a variety of animal models and human trials. This is particular interesting for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Furthermore, the metabolite of Ibogaine, i.e. Noribogaine acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) which helps to brighten the mood and counteracts the depressive element of PD. Our pre-clinical observational case report study proves that Ibogaine alleviates PD symptoms and increases the overall living quality of PD patients.

Marcus & Amber Capone
– Ibogaine for Traumatic Brain Injury

ICEERS Workshop w. Jose Carlos, Genis and Ricard Faura
Direct substitution of ibogaine for methadone

Friday September 9th 10am – 5pm

Enrico Fletzer
“– The cases of Jan Bastiaans, Howard Lotsof, Sara Glatt & Anwar Jeewa

– Interview with Anwar Jeewa

In person appearance Sara Glatt

Jason Farell
– Chemsex: Meth in the Netherlands

Rocky Caravelli
– Ibogaine for meth

Clare Wilson & Juliana Mulligan

Rick Doblin
– Focus on ibogaine development

Lakshmi Narayan
– Ibogaine’s Global Challenge

Saturday September 10th 10am – 5pm

Brid or Aleksy  w. Jason Farrell: ibogaine in the Dutch psychedelic scene Today

Boaz Wachtel: Ibogaine at the Cross-roads

Martie Underwood
Exploring the Structure of the Ibogaine State of Consciousness

I will present the findings from my quantitative study conducted in 2020-2021. I used the Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory, which illuminated key aspects of the structure of consciousness during the ibogaine experience, and also compares the ibogaine experience to other states of consciousness.  

Alvaro de Ferrante, Jonathon Dickenson

on The Importance of Aftercare

Dr Jeffrey Kamlet
– Ibogaine for the World

David Subeliani
Assessing the move to Nepal/India

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre – within walking distance of the Mezrab