Now an all-virtual event

The live event is postponed until September 8-10, 2022

@ Amsterdam’s House of Stories….The Mezrab
Veemkade 576,

Monday Dec 6

Jeremy Weate 
– A History of Ibogaine

Dana Beal
– Ibogaine 101

Martie Underwood
Exploring the Structure of the Ibogaine State of Consciousness

I will present the findings from my quantitative study conducted in 2020-2021. I used the Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory, which illuminated key aspects of the structure of consciousness during the ibogaine experience, and also compares the ibogaine experience to other states of consciousness.  

+James Rodger

Tobias Erny
– Micro-dose ibogaine for Parkinson’s.

Ibogaine stimulates a sustained increase in Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) expression in the brain. GDNF has been shown to increase survival, functioning and sprouting of dopamine neurons in a variety of animal models and human trials. This is particular interesting for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Furthermore, the metabolite of Ibogaine, i.e. Noribogaine acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) which helps to brighten the mood and counteracts the depressive element of PD. Our pre-clinical observational case report study proofs that Ibogaine alleviates PD symptoms and increases the overall living quality of PD patients.

Dr Eugene Schoenfeld
Recollections of Lamborini

Tuesday Dec 7

Andrea Langlois ICEERS
– sustainable ibogaine panel

Georges Oberdeno Essongue

Lakshmi Narayan
– Ibogaine’s Global Challenge

David Subeliani
– Opening clinics in new countries

Anders Beatty
– Pre-care considerations and

Corey Pierce
– Tricks of the trade in administering ibogaine.

Spero Alexio
– Beating the Odds w. Aftercare

Clare Wilkins
– Treating fentanyl , research Chem opioids, the buprenorphine implant

Wednesday Dec. 8

Enrico Fletzer
– The cases of Jan Bastiaans, Howard Lotsof, Sara Glatt & Anwar Jeewa

– Interviews with Anwar Jeewa and Sara Glatt

Dr Jeffrey Kamlet
– A review of all fatalities temporally related

Juliana Mulligan
– Ibogaine Today

Hans R.J. West
– Chemsex in the Netherlands

Panel working on NY A-7928
– A State Sponsored therapeutic research clinic in New York City

Rick Doblin
– focus on ibogaine development

Rocky Caravelli
– ibogaine for Meth-amphetamine

+Jasen Chamoun, Australia

+Kimmi del Prado, Philippines

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre – within walking distance of the Mezrab