Tired of abstinence-based treatments that don’t work?

Did you go on methadone only to find yourself bingeing on crack or alcohol?  Suboxone not what it was cracked up to be?  Are you hooked on crystal meth with no hope of quitting?  Smoking cigarettes through your tracheotomy?

Ibogaine has the highest success rate of any treatment modality available today.  Ibogaine addresses multi-substance abuse including opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol and nicotine addiction.  Ibogaine is the ONLY effective treatment for crack cocaine and crystal meth.  And ibogaine is fast.  You can fly to Toronto or Mexico City this weekend, spend the week at the detox, and be back on the job and in an after-hours support group the following Monday.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has finally reversed itself and awarded a $5 million contract to develop a synthetic ibogaine, 18-MC.


You can wait 10 years for that to become available, but it will have only 2 of 7 therapeutic effects of ibogaine:  kappa opiate stimulation and the Wellbutrin-like alpha-3, beta-4 nicotinic blockade.  It will NOT have the NMDA antagonism that blocks withdrawal and curbs craving, nor the sigma-2 effect that makes that safe.  It will NOT have the long-acting serotonergic metabolite that fights post-addiction depression like a sticky Prozac.  It will NOT express the growth factor (GDNF) that regenerates dopamine neurons trashed by hard drugs. Most of all, 18-MC will be missing the cognitive benefits of the dreamlike state which has been a key part of the African spiritual tradition of iboga ingestion since 5000 B.C.  18-MC looks to be safer, but at the cost of ibogaine’s persistent effects.  (When LSD was tried for alcoholism, it seemed great, but it wore off.)  Regenerate brain cells, and it can’t wear off.  And even when it’s approved, the new synthetic version will have to be administered under medical supervision just like ibogaine is now — and it will be expensive compared to the natural plant substance!

So it’s up to you.  You can wait 10 years, or get off heroin overnight (methadone 4-5 days).  Dana Beal started development of ibogaine with the inventor, Howard Lotsof, in December of 1980.  He’s been involved referring addicts to treatment in places where it is legal since it became available in the late 1980′s.  And, unlike all other websites, money from this referral goes to establish safe, legal ibogaine access around the world.

Now a team of people is standing by ready to screen you to see if you are mentally ready and if you and your heart are healthy enough to take ibogaine.  We have been matching patients and treatments for more than 20 years to find the situation that meets your needs and the price you can afford.  Talk to us about ibogaine as an experimental antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor therapy for a broad spectrum of conditions that are resistant to all other treatments.  Now available for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder!  And to aid in recovery from stroke.


Howard Lotsof’s Hero.

There are treatments available near Toronto, near Mexico City and South Africa.

Please email dana@phantom.com for more information, or call us at