No More Drug War – May 2 2015


Summary of May 2 Schedule:

11:00 AM start Contingents contact Jano Tantongco 917-951-4627 with name of your marshall. $2.50 per marcher suggested donation. See list below for your order in the Parade. Vehicles enter from 32nd between Broadway and 6th Ave.
Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 9.43.41 AM

11-12:30 Rally and Speakers at 32nd Street and Broadway (Vehicle and music groups dictate a street access march) Call Dana Beal at 347-343-1791 for access to open mic–or just walk up and ask.
12:30  15oo+ STEP OFF – Parade Start
12:30-1:00 PM March to Union Square Park
1:00 – 5:00 PM Union Square (Sound) (Concert & Rally) Music & Speakers 3000+ expected

Marshals needed for Parade Contingents.

NO MORE DRUG WAR Mission Meeting Sunday April 26

There will be a meeting to hash out the mission statement for a NO MORE DRUG WAR coalition going forward after 2nd, both to negotiate a better deal for medical marijuana in NYC, for next year’s Parade, for UNGASS next year, and to select a steering committee to deal with other opportunities that may arise.

The location is 520 8th Ave FL 16, at 36th St. All 40 groups participating in May 2nd are invited to submit amendments and vote to adopt the statement, as well as for a steering committee to plan future meetings and function in between meetings.

Here are some of the groups who will be invited the 26th: Many of these contingents are subject to negotiation or in formation, but all are invited to the both the Parade itself and the April 26th meeting for their input.

LEAP Jack Cole 617-792-3877
Lawyers’ Contingent (NLG, Bar Assoc,, Public Defenders) Elena Cohen 413-329-3238
Addiction Professionals for Sensible Drug Policy Andrew Tatarsky 212-633-8157
Veteran’s for Peace Tom Palumbo cell 828-335-3627
Ayotzinapa NY(Mexican anti-drug war Caravan) Dr. Angie Galindo 917-797-8789
CISPES/SOA Watch Jenne Ristau 202-234-3440

End Mass Incarceration Steve Yip 917-868-6007
New Jim Crow Jazz Hayden 917-753-3771
Justice Committee/Cop Watch Yul-san Liem 347-676-1878
Milk not Jails
Drug Policy Alliance Julie 212-613-8063
SSDP Ashley 646-530-2661
Cop Watch Jose LaSalle 347-364-8189
Discovery for Justice John 718-510-4926
Rockaway Youth Khaleel Anderson 718-868-0386

Harm Reduction Coalition Demetreus McCord 212-213-6376
ACT UP Joe Sellman 646-302-8959
New York Harm Reduction Educators Mike Selick 347-389-4095
Patients Out of Time Jeanne Lang 914-318-7807
NYC MMJ Patients’ Contingent Mike Binkley 646-703-3234
Green Ribbon* Arlene 212-988-4254
Cannabis Doctors’ Network John Nicolazzo 305-728-4858

High N.Y. Michael 347-439-4833
Cannabis Hemp Alliance Scott 631-375-8193
New York State Committee to Legalize Marijuana Dennis Levy 212-335-0625
NORML Doug Greene 516-242-4666
Occupy Weedstreet Harrison 646-706-1734
Liberty Bell PA Contingent* N.A. Poe
Cures not Wars (Unaffiliated Contingent) 347-343-1791

Libertarians Brian Wedell 559-259-8053/Mike Smith 646-872-5318
Greens Paul Gilman 347-898-4295
Occu-evolve Sumumba 646-755-4617
International Socialist Organization Aron Ameroff 617-461-6182
RCC Luis & Eric
Socialist Alternative*
Discovery for Justice John Reynolds 718-510-4926
Authentic OWS Squatters Comrade El 917-370-8053

Cholent Isaac 917-803-9909
Zulu Nation* Dr. Shaka Zulu
Washington Sq. (Atheist) Musicians Harvey Osgood 212-777-6867
HQ Jamaica Elijah 347-533-3646
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Trance/Dance Vehicle Laurie 347-533-3646/Zen 347-444-0663/Solomon34-468-2617
HQ Jamaica Elijah 347-608-1755
Imaginarian Artists Niazja 646-842-7693
Please check the information re your contingent. This list is incomplete. New groups are added every week. A few groups will be removed. I am very interested in your suggestions regarding your area of activity, The following Mission Statement results mainly from a collaboration of myself and Mike Selick of NYHRE, with input for the Sunday parade organizing meeting.

Send the information regarding your upcoming events in the reply to this email.



Original Demands:

Release the Medicine

Heal the Sick

Stop All Cannabis Arrests

Stop the Lies

End the Prison State

Cures Not Wars


NO MORE DRUG WAR May 2nd, 2015 Mission Statement (Draft)

We demand an end to the war on drugs which has fueled mass incarceration and created significant barriers for people who use drugs to access housing, healthcare, government support, and treatment. The United States of America must recognize and respect the human rights of humans who use drugs. Laws that criminalize and stigmatize drug use are an abuse of human rights and make drug use more harmful. As a result we march on May 2nd to demand the following:

Policing and Criminal Justice:

  • An end to laws that criminalize drug use
  • An end to “Broken Windows” policing and quality of life enforcement which has fueled biased policing impacting people of color and people who use drugs.
  • Pardons for all nonviolent drug offenders, reparations
  • Expunge Felony conviction records and restore voting rights for drug offenders
  • Abolition of “the New Jim Crow”: dismantle the prison/industrial complex, end mass incarceration of people of color

Access to Medication and Drug Treatment:

  • Lifting the federal ban on funding syringe exchange
  • Access to harm reduction services such as free condoms, syringe exchange and pill testing
  • Access to medically supervised substitution therapies of one’s choice
  • Access to evidence based treatment grounded in compassion and science
  • Access to medicines such as marijuana, ibogaine, MDMA, and other substances that have been shown to help treat a variety of conditions
  • No taxation or regulation of non-for-sale homegrown cannabis
  • Exclusion of liquor, tobacco and big pharma from the cannabis business, free marijuana for bona fide patients and grandfathering in of longtime activists as mom-and-pop retailers
  • Promotion of organic and environmentally conscious hemp and marijuana growing to replace trees for fuel, fiber, pulp and plastic


Medical Marijuana and New York City

  • Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance issue a written statement: “It is not the practice of this office to prosecute the bonafide distribution of medical marijuana, under appropriate circumstances, to seriously ill patients.”
  • Recognize out-of-state cards.
  • Allow the Buyers’ Clubs to come above ground
  • Issue I.D. cards that will be honored by the NYPD pending formation of a city-sponsored patient co-op with Health Dept. I.D.
  • Form a city sponsored non-profit to be one of the 5 state-licensed distributors of medical marijuana, with a variance allowing possession of plant cannabis for use in vaporizers.
  • Establish one or more large grows in a warehouse or abandoned industrial space the city owns in one of the outer boroughs, to make free or subsidized medicine available to those who cannot afford it.


Tired of abstinence-based treatments that don’t work?

Did you go on methadone only to find yourself bingeing on crack or alcohol?  Suboxone not what it was cracked up to be?  Are you hooked on crystal meth with no hope of quitting?  Smoking cigarettes through your tracheotomy?

Ibogaine has the highest success rate of any treatment modality available today.  Ibogaine addresses multi-substance abuse including opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol and nicotine addiction.  Ibogaine is the ONLY effective treatment for crack cocaine and crystal meth.  And ibogaine is fast.  You can fly to Toronto or Mexico City this weekend, spend the week at the detox, and be back on the job and in an after-hours support group the following Monday.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has finally reversed itself and awarded a $5 million contract to develop a synthetic ibogaine, 18-MC.

You can wait 10 years for that to become available, but it will have only 2 of 7 therapeutic effects of ibogaine:  kappa opiate stimulation and the Wellbutrin-like alpha-3, beta-4 nicotinic blockade.  It will NOT have the NMDA antagonism that blocks withdrawal and curbs craving, nor the sigma-2 effect that makes that safe.  It will NOT have the long-acting serotonergic metabolite that fights post-addiction depression like a sticky Prozac.  It will NOT express the growth factor (GDNF) that regenerates dopamine neurons trashed by hard drugs. Most of all, 18-MC will be missing the cognitive benefits of the dreamlike state which has been a key part of the African spiritual tradition of iboga ingestion since 5000 B.C.  18-MC looks to be safer, but at the cost of ibogaine’s persistent effects.  (When LSD was tried for alcoholism, it seemed great, but it wore off.)  Regenerate brain cells, and it can’t wear off.  And even when it’s approved, the new synthetic version will have to be administered under medical supervision just like ibogaine is now — and it will be expensive compared to the natural plant substance!

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Now a team of people is standing by ready to screen you to see if you are mentally ready and if you and your heart are healthy enough to take ibogaine.  We have been matching patients and treatments for more than 20 years to find the situation that meets your needs and the price you can afford.  Talk to us about ibogaine as an experimental antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor therapy for a broad spectrum of conditions that are resistant to all other treatments.  Now available for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder!  And to aid in recovery from stroke.

There are treatments available near Toronto, near Mexico City and South Africa.

Please email for more information, or call us at


Ibogaine Consciousness Tour

Seattle (Oct 20) Ian Howard 206-687-0046
Ryan Durbin 206 939 7000
Shiloh 206-330-5557

Denver (Oct. 23) Radio show, meetings with investors William Chengelis 720-628-2639

Colorado Springs (Oct 24)  Lecture in Colorado Springs Ray Lakers 719-205-8543

Denver (Oct 25) Clover Leaf University  William Chengelis 720-628-2639

Albuquerque (Oct 26) Meeting with NAB April Land 505-265-4962

Phoenix  (Oct 28) Lecture Rain Baker 602-363-4985
Cyndie 480-671-9891

Tucson (Oct 29) Lecture  Robert Clark 520-954-5331

Las Vegas (Oct 30) Focus group with Abbie’s nephew Justin Hoffman 702-275-3301

Los Angeles (Nov 1-4) Lectures Brenda Kirchenbaum 232-651-2657
Richard 323-474-4602
Melissa 323-839-0149

Bay Area          (Nov 5 ) Cannabis Legalization History Private Party at Ed’s
San Franscico  (Nov 6) Ibogaine Lecture Glide Memorial (415) 745-4196  Bill Buehlman

New York City (Nov. 10) Medical Marijuana Forum, NY City Bar Assoc. Noah Potter 917-754-4875

Columbus (Nov 14) Free Press Gala Suzy Conliff 614-457-2571/ 614-282-0741