European Ibogaine Forum 2018

European Ibogaine Forum 2018

December 5-9 – Porto, Portugal

Schedule of Events

Wednesday December 5 – afternoon/Evening

3PM Keynote: 100 years of cannabis/ drug prohibition and the emergence of ibogaine — followed by a round-table featuring Norma Alexander Lotsof, Bob Sisko, and Patrick Kroupa

Thursday December 6

10AM Basic drug development: Ibogaine, Nor-Ibogaine, 18-MC with Dana Beal and Damian Thomas.

11:20AM Ibogaine Mechanism of Action with Dr. Roman Paskulin

12PM Total Synthesis of Advanced Iboga Congeners with Justin Kirkland

1PM Lunch

2PM From Low-dose to microdose with Hattie Wells and Patrick Kroupa

2:40PM Discovery of the anti-parkinsons effect with Bob Sisko and PD patients

4PM Substituting Ibogaine for methadone with Clare Wilkins and Jose Carlos Bouso

5PM Comparative efficacy of ibogaine as a treatment for opioid dependence vs. non-opiate poly-drug dependence with Doug Greene

5:30PM The Ibogaine Overview with Dr. Kenneth Alper

Friday December 7

10AM Navigating Adverse Events with Jamie Mac and Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder

11AM Avoiding Adverse events during  the first year with Dr. Frederico Beretto

11:30 Do’s and Don’ts of being on trial: Anwar Jeewa, Roman Paskulin

1PM Lunch

2PM Pre- and after- care protocol with Alvaro deFerranti

2:40PM Pre and post treatment counseling with Anders Beatty and Benjamin Michael Klein-Taub

3:15PM Q&A

3:30PM Break

3:45PM Echoes of Bwiti in the Ibogaine Scene with Chris Laurence

5PM From Tomb to Womb: Why Ibogaine is Special with Jeffrey Kamlet

Saturday December 8

10AM Ibogaine provider burn out prevention with Rocky and Asha Caravelli

10:45AM HCl vs PTA vs TA with Garyth Moxey

11:15AM A talk about using adjunct Psychedelics CBD, 5MEO DMT, KAMBO with Annie Ortiz and Svea Nielsen

11:45AM Discussion moderated by Clare Wilkins

12:30 Lunch

1:30PM Ibogaine in the Overall Psychedelic Scene with Ben DeLoenen and Maria Carvalho

2:30PM Afghanistan with Murtaza Majeed

3:15PM Coffee Break

3:30PM Opening in Nepal with Santosh Shah

4:15PM Ibogaine East of India with Boaz Wachtel

5PM Rick Doblin Skype Presentation (Unconfirmed)

Sunday December 9

10AM Executive Session

3PM Birthday Party for Norma Alexander Lotsof

Contact Alvaro deFerranti
+351 965 751 649

Contact: Dana Beal
+01 347-343-1791

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EU50 Full Forum • EU15 1-Day

Located at the Hotel Tryp Porto Expo