European Ibogaine Forum 2018

December 5-9 – Porto, Portugal

Schedule of Events

Wednesday December 5 – afternoon/Evening

Keynote: 100 years of cannabis/ drug prohibition and the emergence of ibogaine — followed by round-table featuring Norma Alexander Lotsof.

Thursday December 6

Basic drug development: Ibogaine, Nor-Ibogaine, 18-MC with Dana Beal

Ibogaine Mechanism of Action with Dr. Roman Paskulin

Total Synthesis of Advanced Iboga Congeners with Justin Kirkland


From Low-dose to microdose with Hattie Wells

Discovery of the anti-parkinsons effect with Bob Sisko

and the Mellen/Ohanka panel of PD patients

Substituting Ibogaine for methadone with Clare Wilkins

Survey of comparative efficacy of Ibogaine for Opiates vs. Cocaine/Alcohol with Douglas F. Greene

Friday December 7

Basic Safety considerations with Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet

Navigating Adverse Events with Jamie Mac and Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder

On Tabula Rasa’s pre-care/aftercare protocol with Alvaro deFerranti

Pre and post treatment counseling with Anders Beatty and Benjamin Michael Klein-Taub

Longer term aftercare with Justin Hoffman

Avoiding Adverse events during  the first year with Dr. Frederico Beretto

Do’s and Don’ts of being on trial: Anwar Jeewa, Roman Paskulin

Saturday December 8

Ibogaine provider burn out prevention with Rocky and Asha Caravelli

HCl vs PTA vs TA with Paul Featherstone and Garyth Moxey

A talk about using adjunct Psychedelics CBD, 5MEO DMT, KAMBO with Annie Ortiz and Svea Nielsen

Ibogaine and the Psychedelic Scene with Ben DeLoenen 

Afghanistan with Murtaza Majeed

Opening in Nepal with Santosh Shah

Ibogaine East of India with Boaz Wachtel

Sunday December 9

Executive Session

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+351 965 751 649

Located at Tryp Expo Hortel, Porto